Black Hills Reiki

Reiki Therapy Session

Receive a 45-minute Reiki therapy session to experience the following benefits, and more. Learn more here

  1. Feel lighter and less weighed down energetically, which translates to improved focus and less anxiety
  2. Work with a practitioner to remove negative energies and strengthen your auric field
  3. Receive support to hold space for stored trauma, to support long-term healing and forgiveness

Oracle Card Reading

Are you looking to receive answers or guidance from the Universe? We work with Spirit (Source Light Consciousness) to help clients find the insight they seek. 

      • 30-Minute Tarot Card Session
      • Intuitive Readings

Spiritual Finance Consulting

Learn how to develop great financial health and stay the course in your spiritual journey. You don’t need to sacrifice abundance to live a heart-centered life. 

    • Dive into your own relationship with money and understand the energetics of finance and exchange 
    • Learn about proven strategies to create great financial health today, enabling you to expand upon your inspired visions 
    • Join a group of spiritual entrepreneurs who are empowered to create in collaboration with Spirit

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